Take a ride through Philly as an urban cowboy

Discover the history of the Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy and help preserve their life, legacy and culture in Philadelphia.

Welcome to the Fletcher Street Stables

The Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy is a non-profit organization and outgrowth of the original Fletcher Street Stables, one of the longest-standing urban riding clubs and homes to black cowboys in Philadelphia.

The purpose of PURA is to bring revitalize Fletcher Street Stables and protect the legacy of black urban horsemanship 
in Philadelphia from the erasure of urban development and gentrification.

Fletcher Street is in the process of relocating their stables to a new location; PURA is helping to raise money to outfit these new stables and build a home for Philly riders and their horses for years to come.

Donate to PURA today and discover the history of Black urban cowboys and help preserve their life, legacy, and culture in Philadelphia.

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