PURA Programs

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Jr. Concrete Cowboys & Cowgirls

Horsemanship Classes

Barn Management

Horse Husbandry & Grooming

Equine First Aid

Anatomy & Physiology 

After School Programs

       – Homework help

       – College Preparation

       – Career Exploration

Concrete to Show Jumping

PURA and North Run (NR) began an alliance to open doors to diversified worlds within the horse industry.

The mission is to educate equestrians by opening doors to diversity through our unified common denominator – our love of horses.

We aim to open the eyes, minds and hearts of more people by participating in new experiences, forming new alliances and building friendships with equestrians from diversified backgrounds.

Riding Lessons

 • Western Riding (Stock Seat)   

• English Riding (Hunt Seat)


4-H Club

Cowboys against Crime

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